Michael Futreal, musician and multimedia artist


To create music visualization, I work with various filmmaking techniques, including reconstructed/animated still images, camera-as-paintbrush techniques pioneered by American documentarian Clifford West (1916-2004), more recently, time-lapse.

In 2017, I was ARNA Midsummer Music Artist-in-Residence at The Avian Kingdom in Sweden, where I captured some tilt-shift time-lapse films and composed music inspired by the unique biosphere reserve.

In 2016, I created animated film and original score for a multimedia museum installation, The Court of King Skebal, at Meadows Museum of Art in Shreveport, LA.

In 2015, I was an official Artist-in-Residence at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in Nevada during which time I composed music corresponding to locations at which I filmed the landscape.

In 2014, through a grant from the Shreveport Regional Arts Council, I created the Martian Archaeology "audio-visual exploration", a suite of original music accompanied by original animated films inspired by years of the years of speculation and stories about Mars that preceded NASA's Mariner 4 and Viking missions to the Red Planet. I premiered the films as accompaniment to a series of live Twang Darkly performances; you can read a review of those performances from The Shreveport Times.

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