Michael Futreal, musician and multimedia artist

I create original instrumental rural space music focusing primarily upon instruments that I hand-build such as chromatic dulcimers, mountain dulcimers, and tone-hole flutes. I work alone and with my trio Twang Darkly, releasing recordings via youtube and through streaming, download, and CD. You can find out much more about me, my music, how others have responded to my work, or just take a look at my artist resume.

illustration of my instruments (click for more information)
various instruments I've built; find out more

Likewise, I experiment with filmmaking and animation as source material and visualization for music.

Other Endeavors

I'm currently acting as Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology at Centanry College of Louisiana. Once upon a time, I was also the college's web developer.

I've done professional web and multimedia consulting over the years, with a particular focus on database driven web tools.

Social Media

@TwangDarkly@sunny.garden (mastodon)
facebook/twangdarkly (music | public)
facebook/michael.futreal (personal)

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