Michael Futreal, musician and multimedia artist

Tone Hole Flute

Flutes are, of course, ancient family of woodwind instruments. I generally play natural material (bamboo and other wood) transverse flutes that utilize tone holes without keys and pads.

Since 2014, I've been building my own flutes from bamboo, poke weed, and gourds. I'd love to try dried sunflower stalks in the not too distant future. My own foray into flute building is inspired by the work of another maker whose flutes I also play, the flute guru DAS. If you're looking for a quality bamboo flute, DAS sells beautiful instruments that are well-tuned. I don't offer any of my own instruments for sale at this time.

photo of flutes
Some of my bamboo flutes. The top one is a rescue "rebuild" of a DAS flute that I broke.

photo of gourd flutes
Flutes made from gourds, my most recent venture.

Other Instruments

Find out more about the all the instruments I build and play.

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